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Matevž Lenarčič's ultra-light plane fitted with Savatech tyres

Just a while ago the Slovenian ultra-light flyer and environmentalist Matevž Lenarčič has successfully finished the GreenLight World Flight – North Pole 2013 project. This is the first flight ever with an ultra-light plane over the North Pole. The plane was equipped to carry out scientific measurements of black carbon levels at relevant altitude. This bold venture received wide media coverage and aroused keen interest among experts as well as a broader public. Matevž Lenarčič, the pilot who flew around the world twice and crossed the North pole, won the voting for the "Aviator of the year" award.

Lenarčič took-off with a Pipistrel's ultra-light plane Virus SW, which is 6.5 meter long and 1.85 meter high with a wingspan of 10.7 meter. The aircraft weighs 290 kilograms and reaches the highest speed of about 300 km/h. The Virus SW was equipped with Savatech tyres which excelled in the extreme climate of the Arctic. 

For many years now, Savatech's Velo Programme has been the original equipment supplier to the Slovenian company Pipistrel. Pipistrel's ultra-light planes are widely known across the world and have received numerous awards in the prestigious competitions organised by the NASA (NASA General Aviation Technology Challenge).

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